Kwik Mark Presents Kwik Turn 5-C

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(Kwik Mark: McHenry, IL) – Kwik Mark’s U.S.-made KT-5C cylindrical attachment is designed to handle larger and heavier cylindrical or multisided parts. In addition to the 6 in. diameter, three-jaw chuck, the system features a precision-ground 5-C collet spindle that accepts industry standard lathe collets.

This fixture includes a 1 m-long base, spring-loaded tail stock, and mounting hardware. The modular design allows quick removal when switching between flat and cylindrical marking jobs.


The Kwik Turn heavy-duty rotary attachment adds another axis used to mark round or multisided parts. Like all Kwik Mark products, it is preprogrammed; the user need only enter the diameter for cylindrical work or the number of sides for indexing work.

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