GelSight and Hexagon Sign Global Partnership Agreement


GelSight and Hexagon Sign Global Partnership Agreement

Partnership will lead to comprehensive, integrated manufacturing and surface inspection solutions

(GelSight: Waltham, MA) — GelSight, a pioneer in tactile intelligence technology, announced a global partnership agreement with Hexagon, a global leader in digital reality solutions, combining sensor, software, and autonomous technologies. The partnership will enable the companies’ respective teams to promote and sell GelSight’s tactile sensing products as well as future integrated products.

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Following GelSight’s win at Hexagon’s second Sixth Sense open innovation platform last year, GelSight and Hexagon have now established this global reseller agreement for GelSight’s product line, including the GelSight Mobile and GelSight Max. The formal partnership and collaboration between GelSight and Hexagon will also accelerate the time to market for future products offering more complete solutions to pressing manufacturing issues, such as the shortage of qualified labor.

“We are thrilled to partner with GelSight after the potential the team showcased as part of the second Sixth Sense cohort, and the impressive progress the company has made since winning last year’s competition,” says Milan Kocic, senior director for Sixth Sense at Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division. “Sixth Sense was created to nurture and support startups that address the growing demand for disruptive innovation in manufacturing. This agreement with GelSight is a great example of how our platform can offer valuable opportunities to breakthrough technologies.”


Published: Monday, February 26, 2024 – 12:01

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In addition, the combination of GelSight and Hexagon technologies unlocks new applications that digitize previously tedious, manual inspection processes. For example, mounting a GelSight Mobile device on a Hexagon robotic arm will fully automate customer workflows for shot peen analysis on safety-critical parts such as aircraft landing gear. Additionally, GelSight’s tactile sensors will bring surface roughness analysis solutions to Hexagon’s portfolio, and GelSight’s AI Toolbox enables perceptual quality measurements.

“GelSight’s products and technologies are complementary to Hexagon’s, which makes selling bundles and integrated products a natural fit in order to enable unique solutions that few on the market can match,” says Youssef Benmokhtar, CEO at GelSight. “We know that customers are looking for comprehensive solutions to solve common manufacturing and surface inspection challenges, and we believe this partnership will lead to powerful solutions that more effectively meet these needs.”

Hexagon’s vast portfolio of metrology technologies measures the dimensions or digitizes surfaces to inform quality, maintenance processes, and smart manufacturing. GelSight provides complementary digital touch technology that can characterize surface roughness and measure defects such as scratches and dents with micron-level resolution. GelSight’s technology is well suited to operate in uncontrolled lighting environments that rely heavily on manual inspection by line workers, especially with traditionally difficult-to-characterize materials like glass and highly reflective metals.