ForTest Equipment Compatible With Latest Tracking Systems

In recent years, ForTest, a leader in testing equipment for the industry, has made its leak testers totally compatible with the latest tracking systems. This means that its equipment supports printing barcode labels with testing data as well as the connection to barcode readers. The latter allows users to read and save product codes on the device.

(ForTest: Modena, Italy) — Tracing test data is an essential part of manufacturing. It allows you to control the entire production process and ensure product integrity from the initial manufacturing stages to distribution. This provides a comprehensive overview of all manufacturing activities, of the results obtained, and any issues identified during the process, avoiding the consequences of releasing products that don’t meet production standards.

ForTest also provides support for standard industrial protocols, such as Modbus, Profinet, Ethernet IP, Ethercat, and soon also OPC UA, allowing ForTest equipment to communicate with almost any device on the market, for example, PLC and PC.


ForTest Equipment Compatible With Latest Tracking Systems

Emphasizes the importance of data traceability in leak testing

ForTest equipment also allows the use of multiple tracking systems at the same time. For example, you can use an external PLC as well as a label printer connected to a barcode reader.

The digitalization of manufacturing processes has changed the approach to data tracing. The increase in the amount of data now requires the use of centralized databases in addition to the labels applied directly on products, which alone are no longer sufficient. These databases have become very useful because they allow users to collect a great amount of information and store it in a single place that can be accessed from different areas of a production process, making it available at any given time wherever it may be needed.

The use of standard industrial protocols, such as the popular Profinet, Modbus, EtherNet IP, EtherCAT, and most recently OPC UA, has hugely simplified the interconnection between devices in the manufacturing industry because they are widely used and easy to install and operate. For example, the connection between a leak tester and an external PLC makes use of these protocols.

Despite these new tracing systems, printing unique labels is still essential in the biomedical and pharmaceutical industry because batch traceability is essential to patient safety.

For example, each vial or bottle of medicine can be labeled with a unique bar code that allows tracing the production batch of origin.

To summarize, companies benefit from having the best possible tracing system and the full compatibility that ForTest equipment offers.

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