CIMdata Hosts Free Webinar on Digital Twin/Digital Thread in Aerospace and Defense

Versprille has more than 40 years of experience applying computer-based solutions for engineering and manufacturing. His research spans geometric design, design collaboration and automation, PLM standards and openness, and CAD integration across PLM applications. Versprille published the first description of NURBS, the mathematical curve-and-surface formulation, now an international standard in CAD and computer graphics. In 2005, he received a lifetime achievement award from the CAD Society.

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Ken Versprille, executive consultant at CIMdata and the webinar host, says, “Right now, it’s the Wild West in the industry as to what constitutes digital twin/thread. Standards groups, solution providers, and numerous industrial companies are all charging forward with their understanding of digital twins/threads. The A&D PLM Action Group is working together to build a consensus.”


CIMdata Hosts Free Webinar on Digital Twin/Digital Thread in Aerospace and Defense

Demonstrates how critical OEMs reached consensus

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The Aerospace & Defense (A&D) PLM Action Group is moving toward an industry-specific product life cycle environment based on digital twin/digital thread concepts. This webinar will consider:
• How CIMdata facilitated the A&D PLM Action Group’s project to develop its position on the digital twin/digital thread
• The composition of project leadership and workgroup member SMEs
• How a project plan and schedule were agreed on
• The project management efforts needed to gain agreement
• The ongoing research efforts to move forward on A&D requirements for digital twin/digital thread
• How these efforts can help other industries gain a similar consensus