Reliable and Efficient Xtium2 Frame Grabber From Teledyne

For a more reliable GigE Vision system, Xtium2-XGV supports hardware-assisted packet resend and action command for external event synchronization. It’s also capable of transmitting and retransmitting IEEE-1588 messages without requiring an external switch.
Xtium2-XGV supports Sapera LT and Teledyne FLIR IIS’ Spinnaker SDKs.

It also has a hardware-assisted packet resend logic that improves the reliability of image transfers while reducing the CPU overhead. Xtium2-XGV PX8 targets image acquisition from single or multiple independent 10, 5, 2.5, or 1GigE Vision area scan cameras, line scan cameras, and 3D profile sensors.
Building on the field-proven technology and performance of Teledyne DALSA’s Xtium2 family of image acquisition boards, the new Xtium2-XGV PX8 is a half-length multiport 10GigE frame grabber for PCI Express Gen 3.0 x8 platforms. It can support up to 32 cameras in a variety of different link speeds and scanning configurations. Available in four- or two-port SFP+ configurations, the Xtium2-XGV PX8 can sustain aggregate input bandwidth of 4 GB/s (4×10 Gb/s) and up to 6.8 GB/sec output bandwidth to the host memory.

It can also perform a variety of onboard format conversions, such as Bayer to RGB and bicolor to RGB, before sending the images to the host computer.


Teledyne’s Xtium 2-XGV PX8 image acquisition board supports high-speed GigE Vision cameras.


(Teledyne: Waterloo, ON) — Teledyne DALSA has announced its Xtium 2-XGV PX8, a GigE Vision-compatible image acquisition board that features a real-time depacketization engine to convert GigE Vision image packets into ready-to-use images.

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