New Book Empowers Management with Data-Driven Leadership

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Data-Driven Leadership is a compelling exploration of statistics tailored for managers without an extensive statistical background. Ouellette demonstrates why statistical knowledge is paramount for effective managerial decision-making, even in the realm of “little data.” The book blends theory with real-world applicability, ensuring that managers can immediately integrate statistical insights into their daily operations.

Key features

Ouellette is a seasoned expert in business statistics and analysis, with a proven track record demonstrated by his 27 years in consulting and in his previous books, Business Performance Excellence (Bloomsbury Academic, 2012) and Galileo’s Telescope (independently published, 2021). His mission is to bridge the gap between statistical theory and practical application, empowering managers with the essential skills needed for success in today’s data-driven business landscape.

Praise for Data-Driven Leadership

Data-Driven Leadership: Empowering Managers with Statistical Insights is available now at

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“Finally, a book about data and analysis that is written in a way that anyone can understand how to use it for making business and engineering decisions! This is the ideal book for individuals at any level, from individual contributors to managers and beyond, who need to use data for decision-making. Even if you are not directly involved in the analysis process, this book will teach you how to pose the right questions to those who are. Data-Driven Leadership provides numerous practical examples and clear explanations that are incredibly valuable. It’s the perfect choice for any business or engineering course focused on data analysis!”
—Wendy Martin, W. Edwards Deming Professor of Management

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(The ROI Alliance: Denver) — In the dynamic landscape of modern business, data-driven decision-making is not just an advantage—it’s a necessity. Author Steven Ouellette presents his latest contribution, Data-Driven Leadership: Empowering Managers with Statistical Insights, a game-changing guide for leaders seeking to navigate the world of business statistics with confidence.

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New Book Empowers Management with Data-Driven Leadership

Helps managers integrate statistical insights into daily operations

• Gentle introduction to statistical concepts
• Practical insights illustrated through a managerial narrative
• Emphasis on “little data” challenges faced by businesses
• Clear explanations of measurement levels, probability distributions, and statistical estimation
• Application-focused approach using relatable examples from a corn chip manufacturing company

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