LMA Consulting Releases Supply Chain Profitability Assessment

(LMA Consulting: Claremont, CA) — Lisa Anderson, MBA, CSCP, CLTD, and president of LMA Consulting Group, a leader in supply chain optimization and transformation, has recently launched the innovative Supply Chain Profitability Assessment. This tool prompts supply chain professionals, operations executives, and senior leaders to critically assess various facets of their supply chains that affect customer performance, with a focus on flexibility and efficiency.

Participants respond to targeted yes/no questions, encouraging them to reflect on their current practices and identify potential areas for enhancement. The assessment covers critical factors such as order fulfillment tracking, production data accuracy, on-time delivery rates, and inventory level forecasting.

“In today’s volatile supply chain environment, it’s crucial for professionals to focus on agility and thinking ahead strategically,” says Anderson. “Customers have high expectations. Keeping the supply chain optimized and agile can meet and even exceed expectations, resulting in continued profitability. Even high-performing supply chains have room for improvement. The key is planning, communication, and establishing contingencies to mitigate long-term effects of disruptions.”

The Supply Chain Profitability Assessment is built on LMA Consulting’s extensive experience in helping businesses navigate and thrive amidst supply chain disruptions and growth. It’s an means for professionals to critically evaluate their supply chain operations and identify opportunities for strategic improvement.

LMA Consulting specializes in guiding businesses through turbulent times with strategic formulation, comprehensive supply chain transformation, and resilience-building solutions. For more insights, download Anderson’s eBook, SIOP (Sales Inventory Operations Planning): Creating Predictable Revenue and EBITDA Growth.

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LMA Consulting invites supply chain professionals to take the Supply Chain Profitability Assessment and embark on a journey toward optimized supply chain excellence. To take the assessment, click this link. The tool serves as a gateway to transforming supply chain operations, ensuring they are maximized for efficiency and profitability.

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