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Published: Monday, January 8, 2024 – 12:01

ETQ Reliance and Infor CloudSuite are complementary software solutions. ETQ Reliance is an agile, comprehensive SaaS platform comprising more than 40 QMS and EHS applications that adapt and scale as customer needs evolve. Infor CloudSuite is managing the product and quality specifications, and executes quality inspections at goods receipt, in manufacturing, in the laboratory, in the warehouse, and at distribution. It provides powerful functions to manage the quality, variable characteristics, and shelf life of materials and products. Furthermore, it has second-to-none track-and-trace and recall capabilities supported by a graphical visualization of the goods flow.


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(Infor: New York) — Infor, the industry cloud company, has announced a partnership with ETQ, part of Hexagon, to strengthen the solution ecosystem for food and beverage, life sciences, chemicals, fashion, and distribution enterprises requiring best-in-class quality management and environmental, health, and safety solutions.

“ETQ takes a data-driven approach to delivering optimal product quality through our industry-leading QMS and EHS solutions. It is gratifying to have a partner like Infor that shares this vision,” says Tom Budreau, vice president of channel development and sales operations, ETQ. “Regardless of where a customer is on their quality and safety journey, Infor and ETQ will have a solution that meets them where they are today and will adapt and scale with them into the future.”

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Infor Partners With ETQ

Industry-leading cloud ERP and best-in-class EQMS and EHS solutions converge to manage compliance, reduce risk