Buckeye Electrical Sees Game-Changing Results with Schleuniger Equipment

Since implementing the machines, Buckeye’s production capabilities have significantly improved. “We currently process about 12,000,000 ft of wire per year utilizing three cut-and-strip machines, which would have been unfathomable before,” says Platfoot. Additionally, Platfoot commended Schleuniger’s cut-and-strip software, Cayman, for its user-friendliness, seamless file sharing, and ability to easily modify production runs.

Overall, Buckeye’s production has experienced a game-changing transformation—so much so that Platfoot says he intends to purchase additional Schleuniger machines to accommodate the future growth of the company and assist with meeting new production goals.

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According to Platfoot, the company conducted extensive research by attending trade shows, reaching out to other suppliers, and testing equipment in-house. He concluded that Schleuniger’s technology and expertise could streamline production and offer the Buckeye team a revitalized competitive edge.

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Alongside cutting and stripping, Buckeye also uses wire marking in its manufacturing process and considers Schleuniger’s ability to integrate with printer technologies a valuable bonus. One instance of this is the increased output from the MultiStrip 9480 with an inkjet printer integration. Platfoot estimates that this implementation has helped boost processing capacity by at least 50%.

(Schleuniger: Thun, Switzerland) — Buckeye Electrical, located in Botkins, Ohio, is a family-owned and operated manufacturer of custom wire harness and cable assemblies. As a company that strives to provide its customers with the highest quality products, Buckeye understands the importance of investing in reliable and efficient equipment.

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Buckeye Electrical Sees Game-Changing Results with Schleuniger Equipment

MultiStrip 9480 and PowerStrip 9580 handle 8–18-gauge hookup wire, coax, multiconductor, and battery cable

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With the assistance and expertise of Schleuniger sales representative Bruce Moore, Platfoot explored solutions that could process 8–18-gauge hookup wire as well as coax, multiconductor, and battery cable. Together, they determined that the MultiStrip 9480 and PowerStrip 9580 cut-and-strip machines would be a great fit for the facility.

Published: Tuesday, August 15, 2023 – 12:01

After struggling to meet critical manufacturing needs with outdated equipment, and relying on time-consuming manual processes that hindered output, precision, and overall efficiency, Buckeye president Kevin Platfoot took decisive action to invest in new and innovative solutions.

For other small manufacturers considering equipment upgrades, Platfoot says, “It will be crucial (for manufacturers) to continue to pursue automation to remain competitive.”

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