The FABRICATOR Announces Its 2023 FAB 40

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The FABRICATOR Announces Its 2023 FAB 40

Increased demand has highlighted the value of this vaunted list

“The FAB 40 reflects a vibrant manufacturing segment that continues to grow but yet remains somewhat of a secret to most,” says Dan Davis, editor-in-chief of The FABRICATOR. “Without these companies producing almost $400 billion in goods each year, the U.S. simply loses its status as a world leader. Metal fabricating companies are that vital to the present and future success of this country.”

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After a series of acquisitions in recent years, the newly named Cadrex Manufacturing Solutions, owned by CORE Industrial Partners, joined the FAB 40 in the No. 2 slot. Cadrex reported $480 million in 2022 revenue.

MEC, in Mayville, Wisconsin, topped the FAB 40 with $539.4 million in reported 2022 revenue. MEC has held the top spot for 13 consecutive years.

(The FABRICATOR: Ontario, Canada) — The FABRICATOR, a publication of FMA Communications, has released its list of 40 of the most successful metal fabricating companies in the U.S. The FAB 40 list reveals that companies involved in the cutting, forming, and welding of metal continue to grow as they take advantage of expanded economic opportunities in the North American market.

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This year’s FAB 40 again reported record revenues. Some of the boost comes from material price inflation, but some of it comes from increased demand as global companies reshape their supply chains; the industry’s best gain market share. Other growth opportunities come with increased spending on transportation, infrastructure, and even semiconductor manufacturing.