Smart Vision Lights Launches JWL225-DO Lightgistics Machine Vision Light

Lightgistics LEDs were designed specifically to overcome the challenges of performing accurate barcode reading and optical character recognition at high speeds with highly reflective plastic wraps or shipping bags. The lights feature Dual OverDrive technology—which combines SVL’s Deca OverDrive and standard OverDrive engines, and allows end users to attach polarizers that retain exceptional light output at any speed.  

“Achieving the level of speed and accuracy required in today’s automation applications in the logistics industry becomes difficult when trying to capture images through polybags and plastic wraps,” says Kinney. “Lightgistics lights are designed specifically for this issue, delivering light pulses that are 10 times brighter than standard continuous mode to help improve overall track-and-trace capabilities.”

“As speed and throughput requirements in the logistics industry grow and evolve, systems integrators need LEDs capable of delivering bright light pulses to freeze images of fast-moving objects. But these strobing lights can create uncomfortable and potentially dangerous working environments,” says Steve Kinney, the director of training, compliance, and technical solutions at Smart Vision Lights. “Hidden Strobe technology mitigates this issue, allowing high-speed machine vision systems to capture the optimal image without unintentional environmental hazards and without shielding.”

Brighter, faster LED lights for logistics


Smart Vision Lights Launches JWL225-DO Lightgistics Machine Vision Light

Features Hidden Strobe technology

(SVL: Norton Shores, MI) — Smart Vision Lights (SVL), a global leader in the design and manufacture of innovative LED illumination solutions, has launched the JWL225-DO Lightgistics series light, which combines a linear-light footprint with ring-light functionality to deliver brighter, fast lighting at working distances up to 2,000 mm. The light features Hidden Strobe technology, enabling the use of powerful LED strobing without annoying and potentially hazardous flashes.


With Hidden Strobe technology, LEDs internally self-trigger thousands of times per second, pulsing faster than the human eye can perceive, thus creating the illusion of continuous light. The technology allows machine vision systems to benefit from powerful overdrive modes of LEDs while ensuring a safer and more comfortable environment for nearby employees.

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Published: Thursday, December 21, 2023 – 12:01

Equipped with an onboard charging capacitor designed to ensure powerful bursts of energy with a low, consistent electrical draw, the JWL225-DO also features 10°, 14°, and 30° lens options. In addition, the IP65-rated bright field light’s integrated camera mount is compatible with most common machine vision cameras and can be directly connected and controlled through a camera’s trigger output.

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