Smart Skills by SwipeGuide: Operational Excellence Through Frontline Know-How

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The frontline know-how in Smart Skills by SwipeGuide works in unison with SwipeGuide’s “how-to” platform for work instructions, SOPs, and checklists. SwipeGuide has garnered the trust of industrial companies around the globe, including well-known brands such as Heineken, Johnson Controls, and PepsiCo.


Smart Skills by SwipeGuide: Operational Excellence Through Frontline Know-How

Simplify shop floor training through dynamic skills management

Investing in employee growth and development is key to retaining top talent. With Smart Skills, manufacturers can motivate talented people to stay by providing them with clear insight to how they can grow within the company. “Currently, that insight is lacking in most frontline teams, resulting in high employee turnover rates when ambitious people leave for other jobs,” Schneyder says.

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Published: Thursday, September 21, 2023 – 12:00

Upskilling and reskilling a constantly changing frontline workforce is difficult, time-consuming, and often frustrating. “A highly skilled and motivated workforce is at the core of sustained operational excellence,” says SwipeGuide’s CEO Willemijn Schneyder. “More and more industrial companies are adjusting their pay scale based on skills, but frontline teams are lacking a scalable system to drive skills development.”

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