Smart Skills by SwipeGuide: Operational Excellence Through Frontline Know-How

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Safety in manufacturing is directly affected by the skills and know-how of team members. Smart Skills ensures that a team possesses the required skills to perform every task safely and maintains proof of this training. This competence and transparency at the front line keeps organizations safe, compliant, and ready for any audit.

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(SwipeGuide: Amsterdam) — Manufacturing excellence depends on the ability to make sure everyone can perform the task at hand in a safe and compliant manner. Unfortunately, in a world of labor shortage and high employee turnover, this isn’t always a simple task. Dutch-American B2B SaaS scale-up SwipeGuide has launched Smart Skills, a skills platform designed to empower frontline teams to develop skills and simplify shop floor training through dynamic skills management.

Know-how for smooth operations


Smart Skills by SwipeGuide: Operational Excellence Through Frontline Know-How

Simplify shop floor training through dynamic skills management

“Smart Skills by SwipeGuide helps breweries around the world to achieve round-the-clock operations of the highest quality with an ambitious workforce equipped with the necessary expertise for their current and potential future roles in the company,” says Andre Kellerman from Heineken.

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