Schreiner ProTech Customizable RFID Labels for Metal Surfaces


(Schreiner ProTech: Oberschleissheim, Germany) — Schreiner ProTech, a Germany-based global leader in developing and manufacturing innovative functional labels with value-added benefits for the automotive and engineering-based industries, now offers a pair of labeling solutions that address two common product identification challenges: range limitations caused by metal surfaces, and RFID frequency incompatibility that can affect goods shipped internationally.

As part of the company’s DistaFerr product range, RFID-DistaFerr Global and RFID-DistaFerr Global LongRange meet the heightened physical requirements for RFID labeling on metal surfaces, and feature dual-band antennas that help ensure frequency agnosticism.

Like all other Schreiner ProTech RFID labels, RFID-DistaFerr Global and RFID-DistaFerr Global LongRange can be processed, programmed, and printed onsite—a flexibility that provides as-needed customization. Both are identical in dimension and structure; their only difference is the chip used and its corresponding reading range. Depending on product version and frequency band, the solutions yield frequency ranges from three to six meters.

Enabling the consistent identification of metal products and objects all over the world via RFID technology, Schreiner ProTech’s RFID-DistaFerr Global labels are ideal for metal logistics containers, as well as metal components or machine parts intended for assembly, installation, or processing across borders.


In industrial, logistics, and manufacturing applications, a wide variety of construction and machine parts, containers, and metal racks are used, transported, processed, and recorded in various geographies. Because conventional UHF RFID labels can’t be read when adhered to metal, labels for on-metal use are typically optimized for a specific frequency, such as ETSI in Europe, or FCC in the NAFTA zone and Asia. This leaves labels identifiable only within these specific ranges, creating persistent readability challenges for goods shipped and received across different continents.