Revelation Machinery Offers Manufacturing Scholarship

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Revelation Machinery Offers Manufacturing Scholarship

For current and incoming students in manufacturing, engineering, or related field

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This is an opportunity for students in manufacturing, engineering, or a related field to receive financial assistance for expenses related to their education. “We believe in investing in the future of manufacturing and engineering students,” said Tanner Arnold, CEO and president of Revelation Machinery. “With this scholarship, we want to help empower the next generation of manufacturing professionals.”

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Revelation Machinery is a used CNC, fabrication, and process equipment dealer offering a large and regularly updated inventory of machines. Founded with a mission to make machinery buying and selling easier and more transparent through a focus on long-term partnerships rather than a single transaction, Revelation Machinery has grown into a nationwide business with the added personal service of a local partner.

The submission deadline is Sunday, Dec. 31, 2023. You can find information regarding eligibility requirements and details on how to submit your application materials here.


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Published: Tuesday, September 19, 2023 – 12:01