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In 2018, that search led WTRAndretti to AMETEK’s businesses for specialized solutions to its complex challenges.

WTRAndretti’s partnerships with Creaform and Spectro Scientific have greatly benefited its organization and performance. These successful relationships have not only led AMETEK businesses to other partnerships but have encouraged the WTRAndretti team to look within the AMETEK family of businesses for further technical solutions. This includes a new partnership with AMETEK Sensors, Test, & Calibration’s Lloyd Instruments brand.

“WTRAndretti is a championship winning motorsports organization,” says Travis Houge, vice president and general manager, WTRAndretti. “When you have multiple manufacturers competing on one platform, winning is everything. To do that, you need to have the best technology behind you. AMETEK and its various businesses have allowed us to gain that little bit of traction over our competitors by becoming an almost one-stop shop to finding the answers to our needs—whether it is 3D scanning, fuel analysis, instrumentation, or another challenge.”

WTRAndretti is looking forward to future partnerships with AMETEK businesses. Photo credit: Jamey Price.

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Based in Indianapolis, Wayne Taylor Racing With Andretti (WTRAndretti) is a world-renowned global motorsports organization and a dominant force in endurance racing. To stay competitive, WTRAndretti continually searches for new tools to support its team and optimize performance.

Click here to view a video about Spectro Scientific’s onsite oil and fuel analyses. 

Racing ahead

This was the debut of the ARX-06, and the HRC team didn’t know how the new fuel would perform under the rigorous 24-hour race. After a series of practice runs, the technical team discovered increased levels of fuel dilution and abnormal engine wear patterns in the engine oil that were affecting vehicle performance.

This technology is especially handy during the Rolex 24 at Daytona, an annual 24-hour endurance race in January. Using the MetraSCAN 3D, the engineers are able to scan the interior of the car and assess the driver’s position in relation to components in the cockpit. Using this data, the team can produce any piece of equipment of any size to optimize the racing experience for the driver. You can watch a video about this here.

“Unlike other series, endurance racing is really about 24 hours of wear and tear, understanding and then optimizing those losses,” says Brian Pillar, technical director at WTRAndretti. “The Creaform scanner technology helps us see that wear and tear, analyze which areas to address and which to ignore for peak performance.”

The WTRAndretti engineering team uses a MetraSCAN 3D from Creaform, an AMETEK business.

“We have a lot of data that we gather during each practice session, and a lot of that data have to do with the health of the engine,” says Steve Gough, track support engineer at HRC. “Because it is a mechanical component, there are a lot of metal parts that interact with each other, so we need to look at the physical side of things as well. We use oil testing to determine how healthy an engine is after each event, and how much wear on the engine has occurred, before moving forward to the next event. Spectro Scientific’s fuel analysis has become an integral part of our testing, both in-house and at-track.”

Published May 8, 2024, by AMETEK.

During the 2023 Rolex 24 at Daytona, WTRAndretti partnered with Honda Racing Corp. (HRC) to race their prototype vehicle, the Acura ARX-06 GTP, which introduced new engine hybrid technology as well as new IMSA-approved renewable fuel.

Endurance racing is one of the oldest and toughest pastimes in motorsports. It is a true test of performance. Not only is a driver’s stamina on display, but vehicle durability as well.

Testing wear and tear on WTRAndretti’s state-of-the-art vehicles is integral to success. However, these measurements are complex and need a highly specialized solution for proper measurement.

HRC turned to Spectro Scientific for an innovative, trackside solution to ongoing oil analysis. Initially, it used the SpectrOil 120C and fuel-dilution meter due to their fast response and ease of use. During later testing, it turned to the FieldLab 58C. This device looks at the chemistry and viscosity of the fuel, which is a great indicator for fuel dilution and lubricant integrity. In addition, it has a more robust, rugged design that makes it travel-friendly. The FieldLab proved to be the optimal choice for onsite oil analysis by HRC.

“In our sport, whoever can find and utilize the technology the quickest and most efficiently will be the one at the top,” says Houge. “Our partnership with AMETEK has become an essential tool in our toolbox. I’m excited to see where this partnership can go, and continue to explore what other AMETEK channels we can capitalize on in our quest to compete against the best of the best.”

Since 2018, WTRAndretti has collaborated with SurgeX, AMETEK Land, and AMETEK Dynamic Fluid Solutions (now Bison). Most recently, it sought expertise from Creaform and Spectro Scientific.

High-tech tools for high performance vehicles

Creaform tools are such a powerful asset to WTRAndretti’s success that they are now also being used by the International Motor Sports Association (IMSA) to scan vehicles and ensure the car’s bodywork aligns with the manufacturers’ models.

Advanced analysis ensures endurance

By using Creaform’s MetraSCAN 3D, the WTRAndretti engineering team can scan the surfaces of the vehicle to generate a 3D model with ample data to specifically identify which section of the car needs repairs or enhancements. Creaform’s technology is now an essential tool that allows WTRAndretti to build new car parts completely in-house.