Platinum Tooling Offers REV Broaching Tools

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REV static broaching tool with eccentric bushing

The REV motorized broaching tool is designed for use on live tool lathes. Single-machine setup eliminates the need for secondary operation or outsourcing. REV tools are ideal for high-production runs, offering easy installation and fast processing time. These tools are designed for maximum rigidity, and offer long tool life as well as an excellent finish.

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REV S.R.L., located in northern Italy, is the manufacturer of innovative broaching solutions for CNC lathes and machining centers. The tools are ideal for machining simple keyways or internal and external profiles, both teeth and splines. Common profiles such as square and hexagon are easily achieved, and custom profiles are available. REV broaching tools offer excellent performance with long insert life and high surface quality.

Published: Tuesday, October 24, 2023 – 12:00

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REV static broaching tools are for use on CNC lathes with or without Y axis. They provide a patented eccentric bushing that eliminates alignment errors for machines without a Y axis. The tools have a sturdy two-piece construction and are ideal for smaller runs. They are designed for use in boring bar holders on lathes and in collet chucks or Weldon holders on machining centers. REV tools allow for a wide variety of standard and custom profiles and sizes.

REV broaching tools are a perfect complement to the Heimatec live tools that are sold by the extensive network of Platinum Tooling manufacturers’ representatives and distributors throughout North America.