Omnex Announces Webinar on Digitized QHSE Platform

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Risk Management

Omnex Announces Webinar on Digitized QHSE Platform

Handle document, audit, and concerns management more effectively

Quality, health, safety, and environment (QHSE) best practices are always challenges for all organizations and their resources. Here are a few critical challenges related to QHSE and identified by organizational teams:
• In an era of digitalization, not being able to use mobile devices to perform activities
• Lack of standardization across the entire organization
• Not having access in a single place and in real time for all QHSE projects and programs, as well as their KPIs
• Lack of visual management
• Not being able to quickly identify and connect pending activities
• Not having clear visibility on all QHSE deliverables, such as HSE audits and health and safety investigations, which leads to delayed investigations, missed audits, and high costs of recovery after major nonconformities.

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Date and time: Jan. 18, 2024, 11 a.m. Eastern

Attend this webinar to understand how Omnex’s comprehensive digitalized QHSE platform will allow organizations to handle document management, audits management, and concerns management more effectively and efficiently.

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Speakers: Andrei Samoila, Chad Kymal

(Omnex: Ann Arbor, MI) — Omnex has announced its latest webinar, “EwQIMS-QHSE Platform—All In One: Enterprise Digitalization Using a Software Solution.”

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Challenges abound when consolidating various disciplines and managing complex activities such as document control, audit programs, APQP programs, and complaints management under the same umbrella. With the EwQIMS-QHSE Platform, not only can you centralize all these business activities in a single platform, but you can also ensure dynamic and effective communication among them.