Nuvvon Develops Solid Polymer Electrolytes

Based on these characteristics, Nuvvon’s unique polymer technology meets the need for a safer energy storage technology as the basis for stable cell designs used in solid-state batteries for a variety of markets, including electric vehicles, portable electronics, and microgrid storage. To learn more about Nuvvon’s unique solid polymer electrolyte technology, visit Technology–Nuvvon.

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“As airlines are not yet conversant with new-generation, solid-state batteries, Nuvvon needed to follow the same stringent testing requirements as lithium-ion prototype cells to be deemed safe for air travel,” says Jonathan Lex, Nuvvon’s chief operating officer.

Nuvvon solves lithium battery challenges

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Nuvvon Develops Solid Polymer Electrolytes

Makes nonflammable batteries safe for global air shipment

(Nuvvon: Bordentown, NJ) — Solid-state polymer electrolytes developed by Nuvvon as a safe alternative to liquid electrolytes in the manufacture of nonflammable batteries are UL-certified to DOT standard SP20798. This allows Nuvvon prototype cells to be approved as safe for global air shipment. To gain certification, Nuvvon solid-state pouch cells passed independent abuse testing by UL that included overcharge and over-discharge cycling.

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