NewTek Touts NTC-6000 Signal Conditioner

Units offer self-diagnostics that detect LVDT failures, disconnects, or short circuits. Cybersecurity lockout and tamper detection guards against third-party intrusions or data theft in unattended locations.

Published: Monday, February 5, 2024 – 12:01

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Typically configured with sensors operating in harsh environments or extreme temperatures, the NTC-6000 signal conditioner is ideal for use in factory automation, materials testing, turbine control systems, steam-valve positioning, packaging equipment, and dimensional gaging applications. Units are RoHS-compliant and CE-certified for use in Europe.

To pair with LVDTs in environments with extreme temperature swings, NewTek offers a ratiometric version. This compensates for changes in resistance in copper windings due to temperature fluctuations. NewTek also offers custom designs to meet specific footprints, packaging requirements, expanded LVDT compatibility, and nonstandard analog and digital outputs.

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(NewTek: Pennsauken, NJ) — NewTek’s smart NTC-6000 signal conditioner takes the complexity out of setting up a signal processing system while protecting against operating failures and cybersecurity hacks. Both intuitive and user-friendly, the NTC-6000 Quik-Cal supports AC-operated LVDT, RVDT, or LVRT half-bridge sensors in converting unconditioned position feedback into a choice of voltage, current, and digital outputs, including 4-20mA, 0-5V, -0-10V, and RS-485 formats.



NewTek Touts NTC-6000 Signal Conditioner

Intuitive LVDT signal conditioner configures in minutes