New Patent for Conceptual Innovations

HaloDrive Omnidirectional Drive System (PRNewsfoto/Caster Concepts)

• Modular design for unlimited weight and load size capacity

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New Patent for Conceptual Innovations

HaloDrive Omnidirectional Drive System for heavy-duty operations

“Customers in these industries have reported significant improvements to productivity, labor cost reduction, and improved safety. In one instance, a customer was able to eliminate the need for an overhead crane, showcasing the HaloDrive’s ability to move a colossal 40,000 lb load with unprecedented precision.”

The foundation of HaloDrive System is the modular omnidirectional “pods” that are not restricted by the traditional axle and four-corner positioning common in most drive systems. The HaloDrive pods operate independently, which enables:

(Caster Concepts: Albion, MI) — Conceptual Innovations, a leader in the world of industrial material-handling solutions, has received patent approval for the company’s innovative HaloDrive Omnidirectional Drive System. This new technology provides a complete solution for precise yet unrestricted movement in the largest, heaviest, and most complex component-handling applications.

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• Integration into existing equipment (retrofit) to add powered mobility with extreme precision, helping to reduce capital equipment expenditures and improve productivity

• Unparalleled power management: Patented technology enables the dual motors on HaloDrive pods to efficiently allocate power from each motor as needed, rather than having each motor dedicated to a specific function. This provides a significant increase in torque and power from a compact battery package.

Published: Thursday, February 15, 2024 – 12:01

• Development of a custom transporter engineered specifically for the load and its functional requirements

• Extreme accuracy: The pods easily and accurately position large loads with extreme precision (+/- 5 mm), accelerating assembly processes, increasing quality, improving safety, and reducing risk of damage to the load and facilities.

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For more information about the HaloDrive and its capabilities, visit Learn more about Conceptual Innovations here.