MasterControl Launches Advanced Quality Event Management Software

MasterControl’s advanced QEM software is the first cloud-native, no-code solution allowing life science quality managers to completely own and iterate on their quality process. The no-code functionality means users can easily modify workflows as processes or regulations change. Additionally, the software has embedded, automated validation testing with patented “validation on demand” ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

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This product will significantly improve the approach to quality event management. The platform, which has been used by early adopters, has already been recognized by The Medicine Maker as one of the most innovative products in its annual product showcase.

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“Advanced QEM is going to be much better because it gives us the ability to be dynamic,” says Matthew Seitz-Paquette, North America quality specialist with Fagron. “Right now, we have a form with multiple different sections and over 150 questions. The sections and questions don’t apply to every scenario, but they are always visible, and our end users have to see it all. With advanced QEM, I can make a dynamic form. This section applies. This doesn’t. If it doesn’t apply, then the section will be hidden. If it does, the questions in the section can be required. I can improve my efficiency and data just by the design of the form.”

“As quality leaders look to advance on Quality 4.0 initiatives, it is imperative they have digital systems that are highly flexible and can be configured to match their processes,” says Sue Marchant, chief product officer at MasterControl. “Additionally, analytics tagging is a necessary feature for quality professionals to take advantage of AI technology and leverage their data to make process improvement decisions.”

Published: Thursday, February 8, 2024 – 12:01

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Customers who participated in the early adopter program provided key feedback that shaped the features and functionality of the product, both for this release and the future product road map.

(MasterControl: Salt Lake City) — MasterControl, a leading provider of quality management and next-generation manufacturing execution software, announces the official release of the advanced Quality Event Management (QEM) product, which will allow users unprecedented flexibility to configure processes, build forms, and capture data around their quality events.

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MasterControl Launches Advanced Quality Event Management Software

Recognized among early adopters as a leading innovation for the life sciences industry

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