Marposs Strengthens Its Semiconductor and Consumer Electronics Segment

Marposs Group has acquired Solarius, a provider of 3D inspection technologies for semiconductors, electronics, and other industries.

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Established 22 years ago, Solarius has a strong presence in the United States (with headquarters in California’s Silicon Valley) and Asia—namely China, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan. Solarius also inaugurated a technology center in Germany in 2018, dedicated to the research and development of control systems for semiconductor production. The company has recorded sales of more than $12 million in 2022 with solid profitability and returns.

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“This operation is perfectly in line with our group strategy,” says Stefano Possati, president of the Marposs Group. “Thanks to its position in Silicon Valley, the level of technology, and the talent of the whole team, Solarius has developed very important synergies with large companies operating in the electronic devices and information technology industry, already working at co-design and prototyping phases. We intend to support the growth of Solarius with our resources and our experience because it is a company with excellent prospects.”

With the purchase of Solarius, Marposs further expands its solutions for optical measurement into other phases of the production process, including the “back-end” phase. In particular, it offers solutions for customers operating in consumer electronics, green energy, and the semiconductor sector, an industry that is in constant growth due to its fundamental role in the digital technological evolution and e-mobility.

Marposs Group, already a global leader in measurement, inspection, and testing solutions for the production environment, continues its M&A strategy by exceeding 30 acquisition operations. Marposs has been in the U.S. since 1963 and has had an operating office in Silicon Valley for more than 20 years. The group is already a supplier for companies that produce semiconductors, with grinding systems for silicon wafers and enclosures for smartphones.

(Marposs: San Francisco and Bologna, Italy) — In July at Semicon West 2023, Marposs Group, a world leader in measurement and process monitoring technologies, announced the acquisition of Solarius Development, a leading provider of high-tech manufacturing solutions for the consumer electronics and semiconductor industry. Both segments are of strategic importance for Marposs’ growth and diversification.


Marposs Strengthens Its Semiconductor and Consumer Electronics Segment

Acquires Silicon Valley-based company Solarius

As part of the Marposs Group, Solarius will gain access to a worldwide distribution network and greater availability of resources and technologies, ensuring greater solidity and growth opportunities.

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Published: Thursday, July 27, 2023 – 12:00