Lummus and Toshiba Partner for Advanced Carbon Capture Solutions

Toshiba is a leader in post-combustion amine-based solvent CO2 capture technology, which it has been developing since 2007. This technology uses an advanced amine-based solvent that can handle various process conditions with high reliability and stability. Characterized by low energy recovery, minimal degradation, and reduced amine emission, Toshiba’s proprietary solvent is a testament to the effectiveness of Toshiba’s state-of-the-art amine-emission mitigation technology. Toshiba has successfully tested this technology in commercial and demonstration plants in Japan and is now ready to offer it to customers worldwide in different industries through its partnership with Lummus.


Lummus has been active in post-combustion carbon capture technology since the 1990s using latest-generation solvents. The technology provides the full design involving an absorber and solvent regeneration systems that can be applied to any complex with combustion flue gas streams.  

A key focus of this collaboration is Lummus’ access to Toshiba’s advanced amine-based post-combustion carbon capture solvents and technology which have been used in commercial and demonstration plants in Japan, capturing more than 600 tons of CO2 per day. This access allows Lummus to integrate its technology into project designs, delivering operational excellence and a competitive cost structure for customers. By incorporating Toshiba’s advanced solvents, Lummus can offer clients an OPEX-competitive solution characterized by lower specific energy consumption per ton of CO2 absorbed, higher solvent stability against degradation, and reduced amine emissions.

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Published: Tuesday, January 2, 2024 – 11:59

“We are delighted to collaborate with Lummus to introduce our advanced amine-based solvent and CO2 capture solution to a broader audience,” says Shinya Fujitsuka, senior vice president of Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions Corp. “Addressing the urgent need for decarbonization is paramount, and I have every confidence that our partnership with Lummus will enable us to make meaningful contributions toward achieving this goal.”

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Lummus and Toshiba Partner for Advanced Carbon Capture Solutions

Offering operational excellence and a competitive cost structure for customers