Learn About DeltaTrak’s New Chain of Custody Solution at Asia Fruit Logistica

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•Document management: Automates timely collection of supply chain documentation, including documents for international shipments and FSMA compliance.  Documents are collected, stored, and easily accessed when needed.

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Supply Chain

Learn About DeltaTrak’s New Chain of Custody Solution at Asia Fruit Logistica

Traceability from grower to consumer

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•End-to-end traceability: One ecosystem that provides full visibility of both your transaction and quality parameters.

FlashTrak CoC is the perfect solution for meeting your supply chain requirements

•FSMA 204 assurance: FlashTrak CoC helps customers gather and maintain the key data elements and critical tracking events required to comply with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s food traceability rule.

When integrated with DeltaTrak’s FlashLink real-time loggers, CoC helps you track the location and the condition of the cargo, incorporating real-time insights into the process.

(DeltaTrak: Modesto, CA) — DeltaTrak is introducing the FlashTrak Chain of Custody (CoC) real-time traceability solution. With FlashTrak CoC, you can manage, integrate, and share product traceability data across the whole supply chain process. From the grower to the consumer, the CoC brings together key supply chain elements from different systems and programs into one traceability product.