KYZEN to Spotlight Solvent Replacement Solutions at MECSPE 2024

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KYZEN provides several safe alternative chemistries to maintain cleaning efficacy in varying processes using solvents to alleviate the pressures resulting in the current phase-down in the production of materials containing PFAS and HFCs.   

Published: Thursday, February 22, 2024 – 12:01

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KYZEN to Spotlight Solvent Replacement Solutions at MECSPE 2024

Maintain cleaning efficacy in varying processes without PFAS and HFCs

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KYZEN SLV803 is an effective, engineered solvent that possesses an ultralow NVR and offers superior performance for critical and precise cleaning in addition to final rinse applications. It is a safe, nonflammable drop-in replacement for nPB, TCE, and other solvents subject to regulation or discontinuation.