In-Place Machining Co. Acquires East Coast Metrology

“IPM could not be happier about East Coast Metrology joining our great team,” says Dean Flint, IPM president and CEO. “Their experienced, high-caliber group of engineers and expertise in the metrology and calibration space, as well as their company culture and dedication to customer service, make them a perfect fit for our customers and for our growth strategy.”

(In-Place Machining: Milwaukee) In-Place Machining Co. has acquired East Coast Metrology as part of a long-term growth strategy to expand reach and service offerings to customers and prospects across the U.S. and Canada. A premier provider of high-precision industrial solutions, IPM is a leader in onsite machining, diamond wire cutting and drilling, and alignment and measurement services. Adding the experience, knowledge, precision metrology, and calibration expertise of ECM increases the capabilities of IPM’s Measurement and Alignment Services Division and exponentially enhances the benefits to customers across a multitude of industries.


In-Place Machining Co. Acquires East Coast Metrology

Strategic partnership expands precision field-service capabilities, strengthens customer service

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“The combination of East Coast Metrology, Exact Metrology, and OASIS Alignment Services as divisions of IPM gives our great company a breadth and scale of high-end metrology capabilities that are unmatched in the industry,” says Flint.

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Published: Tuesday, August 8, 2023 – 12:00

The acquisition of East Coast Metrology will benefit all IPM customers, not only with expanded precision measurement and onsite machining services but also closer proximity to these services from 16 locations across North America.

ECM joins Exact Metrology and OASIS Alignment Services in IPM’s growing Measurement and Alignment Services Division. Exact Metrology, an ISO 9001:2015 and AS 9100 Rev D-certified company, also provides contract measurement and 3D scanning services, as well as metrology equipment solutions, and hardware and software rentals. OASIS Alignment Services is a leader in accurate precision machine alignment and mechanical services.

East Coast Metrology is committed to a seamless transition and is excited about the additional industrial services this partnership provides its customers. ECM remains dedicated to ensuring the high level of service that customers expect. Representatives they currently work with and trust will not change. Learn more here