IDS Introduces New 10GigE Cameras


IDS Introduces New 10GigE Cameras

Onsemi XGS sensors up to 45 MP

The 10GigE cameras offer up to ten times the transmission bandwidth of 1GigE cameras and are about twice as fast as cameras with USB3 interfaces.

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Accuracy and speed go hand in hand when it comes to these models. This has advantages for many applications, e.g., in inspection systems for status and end checks at production lines with high cycle rates—such as semiconductor or solar panel inspection. Users also benefit from the fact that even large scenes and image sections can be precisely monitored and evaluated with these cameras. This proves its worth, for example, in logistics tasks for incoming goods and in the warehouse.

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For even more precision, the company is now introducing new models with sensors up to 45 MP that reliably capture even the smallest details. The new industrial cameras are equipped with the onsemi global shutter sensors XGS20000 (20 MP, 1.3 in.), XGS30000 (30 MP, 1.5 in.) and XGS45000 (45 MP, 2 in.). They are primarily used in high-precision quality assurance tasks when motion blur needs to be minimized and data needs to be quickly accessible on the network.

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High-resolution 10GigE cameras detect the smallest details, perfect for quality assurance.