IDENTCO to Demo Space-Saving Pick-and-Place Label Presenter

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Also at IPC APEX, IDENTCO will provide demonstrations of its recently introduced automated wire marking system, with stamina and speed that set new benchmarks for wire and harness label application. The company’s VortexID can precisely apply up to 20 labels per minute—outpacing other automated units and doubling the most expedient manual setups—and operates consistently 24 hours a day and seven days a week, a stark departure from the single-shift limitations of competing models.

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VortexID features 600 dpi printing capabilities, with labels applied via a vacuum plate with a rotating mechanism for reliable application on cylindrical products. Notably, IDENTCO’s new module is materials agnostic, expanding customer choice and potentially decreasing overall labeling materials costs.

Among other solutions, the company will offer live demonstrations of ILP-30 Slimline label feeder for preprinted label placement. Named for its slender 30 mm width—half that of conventional feeders—the label presenter requires only one feeder position on pick-and-place machines, freeing up valuable space along congested surface-mount technology (SMT) production lines.

IDENTCO also will display its DuraTrack label series, which provides comprehensive traceability for printed circuit boards and electronic components. Engineered for use in surface-mount technology and throughout the entire assembly process, DuraTrack thermal transfer printable labels can endure harsh fluxes, the latest cleaning solutions, and high temperatures encountered in today’s circuit board assembly processes on both sides of the board. As a result, the label series is fully compatible with track-and-trace incorporation—an increasingly attractive internal quality control and supply-chain transparency feature for brand owners producing high-leverage electronics.

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IDENTCO to Demo Space-Saving Pick-and-Place Label Presenter

IPC APEX Expo, April 6–11, 2024, Anaheim, California

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(IDENTCO: Ingleside, IL) — IDENTCO, a manufacturer of high-performance labeling solutions for the power equipment, electronics, transportation, and general industrial sectors, will highlight a variety of electronics marking systems and products at IPC APEX Expo, Booth 3823, April 6-11, 2024, in Anaheim, California.

Providing precise and accurate placement, IDENTCO’s ILP-30 Slimline label feeder is suitable for label sizes from 3 mm x 3 mm to 25 mm x 25 mm, and features an integrated compartment that collects liner materials for easy disposal without line stoppage. The module is compatible with many popular pick-and-place systems, and its reliable electronic operation yields low maintenance costs. The ILP-30 Slimline works best when paired with IDENTCO’s preprinted labels, and aligns with the company’s emphasis on automation technologies that improve placement accuracy and application speed.

Published: Monday, March 4, 2024 – 12:00

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Finally, IDENTCO will showcase a series of labels for printed circuit board (PCB) applications, featuring a substrate developed exclusively for IDENTCO by a prominent industry materials and coating supplier. The PCB labels easily withstand prolonged, repeated exposure to the chemicals and high temperatures typical in post-production washing processes. The series is designed for on-demand thermal transfer printing of variable information—a plus for electronics companies incorporating serialization and/or anti-counterfeiting coding into their production practices.