GelSight Partners With PRAGMA on Integrated NDT Solution

PragmaFlex is the world’s first portable NDE 4.0 instrument platform running Pragma3D software. The platform can support one or two of several NDT modalities, including ultrasonic testing, phased array ultrasonic testing, eddy current testing, eddy current arrays, and bond testing. Pragma3D also unlocks a new revolution in NDT as it opens the door to free-form 3D scanning with data fusion of multiple modalities. It powers various levels of inspection processes, from manual testing to fully automated inspections with robots and cobots.

GelSight’s unique technology uses 3D imaging to map surface finish and defects of any material, anywhere, at the micron level. By integrating GelSight’s tactile sensing technology directly with the 3D position encoding capabilities of the PragmaFlex platform, it provides users with a comprehensive view of the valuable information they need when inspecting parts and surfaces. From there, the Pragma3D software allows for data fusion with ultrasound, eddy current scans, optical 3D scans, CAD, and more.

“Since PRAGMA is committed to 3D, multimodality, and data fusion, incorporating GelSight’s tactile sensing technology into our ecosystem feels like a natural extension of the PragmaFlex platform,” says François Mainguy, president and CEO of PRAGMA. “NDT requires advanced insights on surface characteristics, and by partnering with GelSight we are offering users incredibly detailed data to help them make more informed decisions.”

“We are excited about how this new integrated solution will improve fully automated NDT workflows,” says GelSight CEO Youssef Benmokhtar. “By combining GelSight tactile sensors with the PragmaFlex platform, users now have access to micrometer-level measurement data that can be fused with data from different modalities for deeper surface inspection and analysis.”

(GelSight: Waltham, MA) — GelSight, a pioneer in tactile intelligence technology, announces a new partnership with PRAGMA, a leader in nondestructive evaluation (NDE) 4.0 technologies, to provide integrated solutions to the nondestructive testing (NDT) market. The joint solution incorporates GelSight’s tactile sensing technology directly into the PragmaFlex instrument platform, which is embedded with Pragma3D software, to provide more in-depth data and analysis of surface characteristics for NDE.

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