Forging a Positive AI Mindset

Standards incorporating desired societal and ethical outcomes serve as a foundational framework for developing, deploying, and regulating AI systems. Gone are the days where performance, cost, and scalability were given priority over sustainability and trustworthiness. The future of IT, including AI, requires that we simultaneously deal with all these considerations.

We’ll never realize the benefits of AI by solely focusing on the negatives. An AI-positive future is possible, but we need to actively pursue it. If we approach AI with a positive mindset, placing societal needs such as ethics and sustainability at the heart of its development, then we can unlock its full potential.

The promise of AI

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The future of AI is filled with opportunity, but we must advance with foresight and responsibility. As long as we can embrace collaboration, bringing all voices on board, we can help steer the technology for the betterment of humankind.

We need a diverse range of expert inputs covering various geographies, industries, and roles, with everyone across the AI ecosystem involved in the process of setting standards.=”caption”>

A collaborative ecosystem

Published: Wednesday, October 18, 2023 – 12:01

International Standards offer a framework for creating and developing responsible, resilient AI systems based on the input and voices of all stakeholders. Standards help to foster interoperability, safety, and transparency across AI applications, ensuring that the benefits of AI are accessible, comprehensible, and meaningful to everyone.


Forging a Positive AI Mindset

Dispelling the fear and embracing the potential of artificial intelligence

With this philosophy in mind, our AI experts are leveraging the full tool set of the ISO system to develop standards that will ensure the widest and most responsible adoption of AI. We need to continue working closely with other international organizations, regulators, policymakers, and end users in a collaborative and cohesive ecosystem.

Looking into the future

Published Sept. 21, 2023, on ISO Innovation News.