Dürr’s ready2integrate Package Will Include Industrial Painting Technology

For years, Dürr has pursued its ready2integrate concept, aiming to seamlessly align individual products to swiftly assemble a high-quality solution comprising a controller, dosing technology, and applicator. The Fluid Board is another piece of this puzzle, and one that integrators can quickly install for an end customer via plug-and-play.

Since the Fluid Board is a modular system consisting of various Dürr components, integrators receive complete documentation describing the various components and process diagram examples. The EcoDocu also includes a parts catalog, a shopping cart for recording orders or inquiries, and a user-friendly search function.

Expansion of the ready2integrate concept

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The EcoMCC3 color changer, located on the Fluid Board, can supply up to 10 colors.

The Fluid Board is the first product from the industrial painting technology field that Dürr provides with digital, technical documentation. The EcoDocu streamlines the commissioning, operation, and maintenance of the color-dosing and color-changing system.

The Fluid Board is designed to be fully controlled by the EcoAUC control unit, encompassing the most common 1C and 2C processes across low- and high-pressure ranges. It supplies the EcoBell2 atomizer or the EcoGun spray gun with paint and rinsing agents. This makes the Fluid Board ideal for tasks in industrial painting technology, such as in the wood, construction, or automotive supplier industries. The Fluid Board significantly reduces engineering and assembly effort.

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(Dürr Systems: Southfield, MI) — Dürr has developed a connection between the control unit and applicator for the industrial painting industry: the Fluid Board, a fully assembled color-dosing and color-changing system. With the Fluid Board, Dürr is expanding its ready2integrate package, enabling customers to quickly assemble a high-quality solution comprising a controller, dosing technology, and applicator.

“The Fluid Board comes fully assembled, so all you need to do is connect hoses and cables,” says Stephan Voigt, product engineer at Dürr.

Compact, multicomponent system

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At Dürr’s stand at PaintExpo in Karlsruhe, Germany (Hall 3, Stand 3320), visitors can see a live demonstration of the Fluid Board and learn about the new product. The modular color dosing and color-changing system is available now.