CO2Meter Introduces CM-900 Industrial Gas Detector

CO2Meter continues to focus on educating customers about gas detection safety and provides cutting-edge solutions that address key challenges in the field. It’s the company’s industry expertise and relationships that have cemented CO2Meter as a true “go-to source” for customers and partners with technologies that encompass a wide range of product categories, including fixed gas detectors, portable gas analyzers, and gas controllers that are installed and used worldwide. 

Published: Thursday, January 11, 2024 – 12:00

Quality Insider

CO2Meter Introduces CM-900 Industrial Gas Detector

Measures oxygen and carbon dioxide to help protect against hazardous gas exposure

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The CM-900 series is designed to measure low oxygen or high carbon dioxide to protect employees and staff against accidental leaks and releases. Delivering frequent and accurate measurements, the CM-900 allows users to feel secure knowing audible and visual alarms will notify of an unsafe condition. Recent articles like this one have also become widespread and tell the solemn stories of incidents where asphyxiation or poisoning have occurred due to gas leaks—yet they could have been properly prevented. 

When fast or informed decisions make the difference in life and safety, using a gas safety detector can provide critical accuracy and reliability. CO2Meter’s industrial gas detector series can provide that for your team, employees, and establishment—all with one glance.