Atlas S³T: Bridging the Gap in Weathering Testing Precision

The S³T system enables:
• Better reproduction of natural conditions, such as heat uptake and color distribution
• Better control of test parameters to avoid overheating specimens
• Continuous tracing of the specific sample temperature, allowing for the immediate detection of property changes, such as darkening, without disrupting the test
• Investigation of specific sample characteristics, such as activation energies of photochemical degradation reactions, for cool pigments, IR-reflective coatings, and heat and light stabilizers.

Surface temperature is a critical factor for the rate of photochemical reactions in weathering. But until now, the measurement of surface temperatures has not been feasible for multiple samples in laboratory weathering instruments. As a result, surface temperature is often neglected during testing or only roughly estimated based on black-and-white standard or panel reference temperatures.

(Atlas/AMETEK: Mount Prospect, IL) — Atlas/AMETEK has introduced the Atlas S³T system, the latest advancement from a leader in accelerated artificial and natural weathering testing. Designed for Weather-Ometer Ci4400 and Ci5000 instruments, the Atlas S³T system makes it possible to continuously measure the specific surface temperature of individual samples during live testing.

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Published: Thursday, February 29, 2024 – 11:59

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At the core of the S³T system is an integrated, contactless IR pyrometer that accurately and precisely measures and assigns the surface temperature of each specimen and can operate continuously during the complete exposure.


Atlas S³T: Bridging the Gap in Weathering Testing Precision

Continuously measure specific surface temperature of individual samples

The Atlas S³T system is available now for the Ci4400 and Ci5000 Weather-Ometers. For more information, visit