Aras Announces Strategic Enhancements to PLM Platform

Powerful visualization of complex assemblies

Aras Innovator forms an extensible digital thread, serving as a data backbone for digital engineering and the broader digital enterprise. New capabilities will support simplified user interactions for viewing, editing, and implementing changes on interrelated items. In addition, a new streamlined experience for configuring connections to a comprehensive range of authoring tools simplifies extending the digital thread to a broader set of enterprise applications.

“Aras continues to reimagine how teams collaborate across the digital thread for product life cycle management,” says John Sperling, senior vice president of product management at Aras. “These new capabilities further differentiate Aras Innovator as the digital thread and PLM solution for organizations that prioritize scalability, flexibility, and openness.”


Extended low-code development enhancements

Optimized connectivity and collaboration with suppliers

Aras Innovator is the only PLM platform with a fully integrated low-code development environment. Leveraging a rich set of development and enterprise-class DevOps services, Aras subscribers can extend applications or develop their own to address their organization’s needs. These enhancements introduce new widgets and charts that simplify the user experience and navigation for analytics dashboards and reports embedded in Aras apps.  Additionally, advanced form design tools facilitate a more streamlined user experience for applications built within Aras-powered applications and deployed within Aras’ DevOps framework.

(Aras: Andover, MA) — Aras, a leader in product life cycle management (PLM) and digital thread solutions, has announced new enhancements for Aras Innovator, its open and adaptable platform for deploying PLM and digital thread solutions.

Built on a highly scalable product data platform, Aras Innovator offers a library of applications that can be rapidly deployed, configured, and extended with enterprise-class low-code development tools to meet the specific needs of any organization.

The enhancements include:

The projected availability for this enhancement is set for Q3 2024, with a preview webinar scheduled for April 25, 2024.

New digital thread capabilities

With this announcement, Aras is introducing a suite of supplier management solutions designed to enhance how organizations interact with their suppliers and business partners. These new applications facilitate secure, remote access to controlled subsets of digital thread and PLM information through configurable mobile-optimized web applications. These solutions streamline communication and data sharing to optimize supplier management business processes.

Aras’ CAD-agnostic approach to 3D visualization has been built on the foundation of the digital thread, enabling users to leverage dynamic product navigation to facilitate the exploration of product data in any representation. Aras Advanced 3D enhances this capability, providing a scalable environment to visualize and interact with larger, more complex assemblies that often exceed the capacity of a single CAD session. It integrates a rich feature set to explore, analyze, and collaborate on 3D content, including capabilities such as:
• Advanced search and filter (e.g., name, markup, attribute, color selection, volume)
• Clash detection
• Analysis such as wall thickness, curvature, and neutral axis
• Advanced measurement and sectioning
• Geometry manipulation and illustration
• IP protection of 3D data

Projected availability for Aras Supplier Management Solutions is in Q2 2024.