ANCA to Exhibit at EMO 2023 and Announce Tool of the Year Winner

One of the most eagerly awaited events at ANCA’s booth will be the announcement of the 2023 Tool of the Year award. This competition brings together tool manufacturers from around the globe to compete for the title of the best real and virtual tools. The judging process, overseen by a panel of ANCA and external experts, evaluates precision, surface roughness, creativity, and practical use. The award ceremony recognizes the industry’s most innovative and exceptional tools.

Martin Winterstein, general manager of ANCA Europe, says, “Our setup in Hannover really shows hands-on opportunities for tool manufacturers, with new application and automation solutions tailored to industries’ needs. I am excited to show visitors our enhanced portfolio to include microtools with the FX ULTRA, according to the high demand from this growing segment. Experts from ANCA and our partners will be onsite to show and discuss individual requirements at the booth.”

ULTRA value

Years of continuous refinements at ANCA have made the ULTRA technology possible. ANCA’s vertical integration—where machines, controls, drives, and precision components are all designed and manufactured in-house—are key to its success. Successfully introduced to the industry last year on the MX machine platform, he ULTRA boasts the highest accuracy and quality cutting tools in the world. The MX7 ULTRA achieves one nanometer axis resolution, and can maintain better than +/– 0.002 mm line form accuracy of any profile, which includes ballnose and corner radius endmills.

The FX7 ULTRA introduces cutting-edge technologies, including ANCA’s nanometer control, revolutionizing precision grinding for small and microtools down to 0.1 mm in diameter. This technology breakthrough is already redefining the standards for tool and component grinding with the highest levels of accuracy and surface finishes.

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ANCA’s expertise in grinding solutions extends to blank grinding and integrated, complete machining of gear tools, including in-process measuring and compensation. The CPX blank preparation machine will feature productivity-enhancing features in Hannover, including automated loading of tools up to 32 mm, a flip station for grinding from both ends, tailstock, and extensive probing enabling statistic process control. The machine has been designed to give users high material-removal rates and save time and money with unattended production.

ANCA’s commitment to excellence is further emphasized through strategic partnerships with industry leaders. At EMO 2023, ANCA will collaborate with Mitsubishi, presenting its EDM machine at the booth, and GDS clamping technology, presenting a cohesive ecosystem of solutions that streamline processes across the process chain.

EMO 2023 offers an exclusive opportunity for industry professionals to explore ANCA’s latest advancements in grinding technology, witness revolutionary world premieres, and engage with experts from the field. Visitors will also experience exclusive product launches at the show.

Strategic partnership with industry leaders

The rising demand of gear-cutting tools has led ANCA to enhance its product program with the GCX, the turnkey solution for manufacturing and resharpening gear-cutting tools. The Integrated Gear Tool Measurement (IGTM) and ANCA’s expertise in grinding wheel dressing gives customers full control over the high-precision skiving-cutter grinding process. First skiving cutter in tolerance is the motto.

The modular automation system AIMS is ANCA’s answer for tool manufacturers looking to increase their productivity, stay competitive, and be an attractive employer.

By using the latest innovations in peel grinding technology, ANCA guarantees exceptional stability, accuracy, and value, all achieved on a single machine. Manufacturers can now produce high-quality tools with confidence, knowing that the MX7 ULTRA delivers outstanding results.

Smart automation enables unattended cutting tool production

Edmund Boland, ANCA CNC machines general manager says, “We are excited to bring not one but several world premieres to EMO, promising premium value, higher productivity, and extended capabilities. Visitors can see firsthand ANCA’s latest technology, which spans tool precision, integrated manufacturing systems, industry focus applications, and optimization across the process chain.”

(ANCA: Melbourne, Australia) — CNC grinding-technology pioneer ANCA will showcase its latest products and industry-specific grinding and automation solutions in September at EMO in Booth F52, Hall 6, in Hannover, Germany. The winner of the Tool of the Year competition will be announced live Wednesday, Sept. 20, at 4:30 pm GMT. 

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