AIMS Metrology Partners With Vision Systems Pioneer OGP

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“We have an in-house service group and application team that allows us to customize our 5-axis CMMs to a job shop or fabricator’s needs, including programming, custom holding fixtures, tooling, automation, service, and support,” says Mark Gearding, the vice president and co-owner of AIMS. “But we’re always looking for new ways to support customers. Manufacturers are being challenged to inspect parts where a vision system is the appropriate choice. OGP has more than 75 years of technical innovation behind its noncontact and multisensor dimensional metrology technology. The company also manufacturers its products in the U.S., so partnering with OGP was a good fit for us.”

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(AIMS: Dayton, OH) — AIMS Metrology has announced its partnership with OGP, a division of QVI. The 5-axis coordinate measuring machine OEM is a single-source provider that builds and assembles its machines in the U.S. The affiliation with OGP allows AIMS to provide multisensor measurement with optical gauging products, including the Smartscope E-series.

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Published: Wednesday, September 27, 2023 – 11:59

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In addition to its Revolution Series Summit 10.10.10, LM, and HB 5-axis CMMS, AIMS now adds OGP products that include its patented c-vision. The video contour projectors combine video’s speed and accuracy with the capacity of an optical comparator for 2D measurement. OGP’s TurnCheck systems measure shafts and other cylindrical parts with precision optical instruments. The line also provides high-speed 3D inspection systems that integrate a combination of sensors into one measurement platform.

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“AIMS is an extremely high-tech, American-made, and American-owned metrology system manufacturer,” says Tim Fantauzzo, vice president of OGP North American sales. “There are many similarities between OGP and AIMS. We both strive to build and provide the most innovative measurement solutions to our customers. All of us at OGP are extremely excited to form a true partnership with such a like-minded organization. The result will be a full and complete portfolio of advanced measurement solutions for customers in North America.”

The optical gauging product line can measure and inspect smaller parts with high-precision features as well as bigger components with a large-platform multisensor system. “Whether it’s a 5-axis CMM or optical gauging product, our goal is to provide a turnkey package with the service and support that customers need,” says Gearding.


AIMS Metrology Partners With Vision Systems Pioneer OGP

Expanded offering includes Smartscope E-series for 3-axis video measurement

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