Advanced Magnet Lab Touts Commercial Manufacturing Plan

AML foresees scaling manufacturing organically in 2024 through strategic partnerships with customers and material providers. For example, at its current locations in Florida, the company can support an output of approximately 200 metric tonnes per annum of permanent magnets.

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Advanced Magnet Lab Touts Commercial Manufacturing Plan

Producing permanent magnets in the US

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The collaboration with ORNL is a gleaming example of the value of PM-Wire. The technology will replace 2,750 complex Halbach-array sintered magnets with eight nonsintered helical magnets and eliminate the need to actively cool the motor rotor with equal motor performance. AML envisions this demonstration as a potential springboard into commercial automotive applications.

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Additionally, AML has several other active programs with commercial entities providing for similar benefits to the end-use applications in industrial generators, aerospace, and defense.

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