ABB Introduces ABB Ability Smart Hoisting

(ABB: Zurich) — ABB is launching a new digital suite of applications for hoist monitoring and optimization, now rebranded to ABB Ability Smart Hoisting, which opens it up for further integration to other cloud solutions and extended offerings that significantly increase the operational performance and reliability of mine hoists.

The traditional predictive maintenance approach relies on manual data collection and analysis over a short period of time. Intermittent issues can stay hidden or only be identified later, giving subject-matter experts (SMEs) little time to program interventions exactly when needed. Additionally, manual collection and data analysis consume a significant amount of time for SMEs, preventing them from focusing on strategic performance management tasks.

“The new and enhanced Smart Hoisting solution offers a step change in the operational performance of mine hoists,” says Charles Bennett, global service manager for hoisting at ABB. “From improved uptime, reduced environmental footprint, and increased monitoring services, this new solution brings enormous benefits to the industry at an important time. Through the integration of predictive maintenance and advanced monitoring, the evolved ABB Ability Smart Hoisting solution marks a pivotal milestone in redefining the performance benchmarks for mine hoists. This transformative solution addresses industry challenges comprehensively, fostering heightened uptime, sustainability, and operational resilience.”

Enhanced cybersecurity: With improved cybersecurity measures in place, ABB ensures the safety and integrity of customers’ mining operations, protecting them from potential cyberthreats and vulnerabilities.

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Improved productivity in mining operations can lead to increased economic growth, job creation, and overall regional development. Additionally, proactive maintenance and hazard identification contribute to a safer and more environmentally responsible mining sector.

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Comprehensive solution: The Smart Hoisting solution addresses multiple customer challenges simultaneously, from increasing uptime and performance to ensuring safety and efficient maintenance scheduling. By providing a holistic approach to mine hoist optimization, ABB empowers customers to achieve better results, save time and resources, and ultimately improve their bottom line.

The combination of innovative features and improved cybersecurity makes this solution a unique and valuable tool in the underground mining industry. Its predictive maintenance capabilities help increase standards and drive innovation, leading to more sustainable and profitable mining operations.