3D + RGB: New Stereovision Camera from IDS Brings Color Into 3D Space

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Ensenso C delivers precise details, even at large object distance.

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Initially, the 3D camera is available with a baseline of approximately 240 mm; soon additional models with a baseline of approximately 455 mm will be offered. Thanks to the combination of powerful 200W projector power and the high resolution of 5 MP, the camera delivers precise data even in large-volume applications. With the large baseline and small field of view, the models achieve a reproducible Z-accuracy of 0.2 mm at 2 m object distance. Moreover, the camera is designed in such a way that temperature-related deviations of the depth values are reduced to a minimum: Deviations at 30 cm distance at 10°C temperature change less than 0.075 mm, for example. A diffused white light LED also supports 2D color imaging in applications with changing ambient light conditions.

Published: Wednesday, October 18, 2023 – 11:59


3D + RGB: New Stereovision Camera from IDS Brings Color Into 3D Space

Z-accuracy of 0.2 mm at 2 m

The Ensenso C fits seamlessly into the 3D camera range from IDS. The Ensenso product line is specifically designed for industrial requirements and combines precision with cost effectiveness. The Ensenso N, S, X, XR, and the new Ensenso C families provide solutions for a wide range of requirements, from bin picking to quality control. Users can consult the Ensenso selector on the IDS website to find the right model for their particular application.