ZEISS Promotes Employee Volunteer Work

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(ZEISS: Oberkochen, Germany) — More than 300 ZEISS employees worldwide are getting involved with A Heart for Science (AH4S).

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“Enthusiasm for nature and technology cannot be encouraged early enough. It is also the driving force behind our innovations at ZEISS.”—Janett Zacher, ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions, Jena, Germany.

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The program is supported by ZEISS employees’ willingness to get involved and give of their free time; their objective is to awaken enthusiasm for nature and technology among young people. And who could do that better than the people who are already pushing the boundaries of what is technically feasible at ZEISS today?

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ZEISS Promotes Employee Volunteer Work

A Heart for Science initiative brings STEM to young people

Published: Tuesday, September 26, 2023 – 12:00

In September 2023, German president Frank-Walter Steinmeier recognized this volunteer effort at the Bürgerfest (citizens’ festival) held on the grounds of Schloss Bellevue, Berlin. Projects, organizations, and companies presenting their voluntary work were the focus of the event. ZEISS was also onsite with a stand. Visitors were able to learn more about individual AH4S projects and talk with volunteers during the day at Schloss Bellevue.

What motivates ZEISS employees to get involved in AH4S?

The volunteers pass on their knowledge to the explorers of tomorrow. Since the initiative was launched a year ago, the number of committed employees has grown steadily with more than 300 employees at over 40 sites worldwide now involved in over 30 projects.

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“AH4S offers me the opportunity to show young people that learning is fun and to inspire them to experience STEM with curiosity and imagination.”—Catherine Anthony, ZEISS Digital Partners, Munich.

“Committing to the education of young people is a sustainable investment in the future of our society.”—Holger Sahlmann, ZEISS Semiconductor Manufacturing Technologies, Oberkochen, Germany.

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