Teledyne FLIR IIS Expands Its Forge Camera Series

• IP67 ingress protection minimizes dust and debris accumulation for simplified maintenance
• Onboard processing for no-drop image capture and delivery
• Highly robust and reliable Teledyne GigE framework within the Spinnaker 4 acquisition SDK
• Support for Sapera Image Processing Library with AI capability
• Newest Sony CMOS image sensors, and 1.2 MP to 12 MP resolution options
• Includes a three-year warranty, access to online resources, and world-class technical support

(Teledyne FLIR: Richmond, British Columbia) — Teledyne FLIR IIS introduces the Forge 1GigE IP67, the latest in its industrial camera series designed to perform in harsh industrial environments while ensuring highly efficient production capabilities. Forge 1GigE IP67 is the latest in Teledyne’s commitment to deliver advanced imaging systems for factory automation.

“We are proud to announce the launch of our latest machine vision product, exclusively designed for smart agriculture, food, and beverage industries,” says Sadiq Panjwani, general manager at Teledyne FLIR IIS. “Unlike general-purpose cameras in a crowded machine vision market, our solution is tailored to address the complexities of a specific industry. We focus on key markets and develop solutions from the ground up, armed with a clear understanding of the market, customer partnerships, and technology innovation.”


With advanced on-camera features such as auto-brightness functions (AGC and auto-exposure), the new cameras dynamically adjust in variable and outdoor lighting conditions. The IEEE1588 protocol enables multicamera image-capture synchronization; lossless compression (LLC) provides higher frame rates and lower bandwidth requirements, which maximize camera output without compromising image quality for high-speed applications.

Key features

The Forge 1GigE IP67 camera series has an IP67 cylindrical enclosure for optimal and easy system integration, simplified post-operation washing, and the prevention of dirt accumulation. A wide selection of IP67-rated components is available with partners such as Smart Vision Lights and Components Express to create an entire IP67 vision ecosystem for customers.

Future advancements of Forge 1GigE IP67 will include higher-resolution models. For more information about Forge 1GigE IP67, visit the website.