Quantzig Supply Chain Analytics Changes Game for Leading E-Commerce Retailer

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• 17% increase in overall production, and near-real-time simulation capabilities enabling quick decision making

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The implementation of this supply chain analytics solution was a turning point for them. Quantzig has built a supply chain visibility solution that helps trace the movement of goods across supply chain nodes, identify root causes of inefficiencies, and identify the next-best actions to improve supply chain performance.

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(Quantzig: Toronto) — Quantzig, a data analytics and advisory firm, has vastly improved the business operations of a leading U.S. e-commerce retailer with a cutting-edge supply chain analytics solution. The client was grappling with challenges stemming from a complex supply chain network characterized by multiple nodes, and this intricacy hindered its ability to pinpoint interdependencies and operational inefficiencies, resulting in diminished profitability. Faced with the challenges of complex supply chain networks, the client sought a transformational solution to streamline operations and foster growth.  

• 2x-faster decision making due to improved visibility

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The above initiatives can help clients with: