QT9 Software Introduces Product Design and Quality Events Modules

(QT9: Aurora, IL) — Trusted eQMS provider QT9 Software announces the upcoming release of two new modules, Product Design Controls and Quality Events Management, that simplify quality management processes for life sciences and manufacturing industries.


The addition of the two modules to QT9’s standard eQMS package enables organizations to centralize and automate more than 25 different quality operations in one place, making it one of the highest-value eQMS solutions. The two modules will be available to current and new customers early this summer.

You can schedule a demo at www.QT9qms.com.

منبع: https://www.qualitydigest.com/inside/customer-care-news/qt9-software-introduces-product-design-and-quality-events-modules-062024

The new Quality Events Management module enables organizations to investigate, track, and log any type of quality event within a closed-loop environment. Users can personalize the way they see quality events with reports, dashboards, and analytic tools to visualize key metrics, trends, and patterns related to quality events. Users can easily connect corrective actions, nonconforming products, customer feedback, and deviations to any quality event. This allows teams to capture end-to-end quality event management and standardize quality event processes for consistency. QT9 is designed to unify all of the quality operations companies struggle to track.

The new Product Design Controls module enables companies to improve design control processes and unify documentation while ensuring both U.S. Food and Drug Administration and ISO regulatory compliance. Users are able to easily create customizable templates for any design control process, including design history files (DHF) and ISO 9001 design controls. Custom phases can be created, allowing users to see the information most relevant to their team. Teams can build out complete design and development packages that connect all of their quality information.