ORBIS Launches Odyssey 3-Runner Pallet to Improve Automation Efficiency

With applications in general food processing, including cold and frozen storage of meat, bakery, produce, and dairy, as well as in dry goods, including apparel, periodicals, pharmaceuticals and other consumer packaged products, the Odyssey 3-runner pallet is a versatile solution. By implementing the Odyssey 3-runner pallet, companies can successfully and easily move product loads throughout a system.

(ORBIS Corp.: Oconomowoc, WI) —  ORBIS Corp., an international leader in reusable packaging, adds a new product to its suite of storage-efficient and rackable plastic pallets. The Odyssey 3-runner pallet enhances dimensional consistency, transportation, and hygienics with built-in reinforcement and flow-through design for easy cleanability, keeping plants and equipment sanitary. Optional molded-in frictional elements minimize load shifting.

In today’s congested warehouses, ORBIS’ rackable plastic pallets are designed to store products in a wide variety of unsupported racking systems, clearing critical floor space.

Reusable packaging improves the flow of product along the supply chain to help reduce total costs. ORBIS uses proven expertise, industry-leading knowledge, and superior products to create reusable packaging systems that help world-class companies move their products faster, better, safer, and more cost-effectively. To learn more about how the Odyssey 3-runner pallet can optimize your supply chain, see the product at this link.

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“The Odyssey 3-runner is the robust solution industries have been searching for,” says Alison Zitzke, senior product manager at ORBIS. “It’s the perfect example of ORBIS’ commitment to sustainability and delivery of sought-after end results. From automated excellence and strength to ergonomics and load stability, this pallet is vital in achieving an economical and efficient supply chain.”

The Odyssey 3-runner pallet offers a high strength-to-weight ratio capable of unsupported rack loads up to 3,000 lb and is designed specifically to interface with automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS). The permanent molded-in frictional elements of the pallet reduce load shifting, helping to minimize damage to product packaging. Moreover, the racking strength and load stability, while still incorporating an ergonomic design, seamlessly integrate to meet all types of performance requirements.

A fully reusable alternative to wood, the Odyssey 3-runner pallet offers dimensional consistency optimized for automated equipment because it can withstand the deflection requirements of most automated systems and resists the impact from equipment, making it ideal for rugged applications.