Omnex Webinar: ‘Automotive Data Security and Privacy’

Date and time: June 25, 2024, 11 a.m. Eastern
Speaker: Juan Pimentel

This webinar will discuss data security and privacy aspects that arise in the design of vehicular systems, including eliciting requirements and design specifications that consider data flows, event and storage data recorders, cloud storage, data triggers, and data sources. For privacy, the LINDDUN methodology will be illustrated to elicit privacy requirements. Additionally, compliance with TISAX and other standards, and regulations such as GDPR, will be covered. An ADAS case study will be used to present all the material.

(Omnex: Ann Arbor, MI) — Omnex has announced its latest webinar, “Automotive Data Security and Privacy.

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The amount of software in new automotive vehicle designs continues to escalate, posing a serious threat to automotive data security and privacy—including the privacy of individuals and the complex interactions involved in the driving experience. Much research and development exists in the areas of security and privacy. However, existing knowledge tends to be generic, with a lack of specific information on data security and privacy in vehicular systems from newer design perspectives.