iBase-t Unveils Solumina MBE Advanced

“As model-based enterprise transformation continues to be major focus for every aerospace and defense operation, we are thrilled to announce the launch of MBE Advanced, a direct response to the critical priorities of our customers and the broader industry,” says Naveen Poonian, the company CEO. “This innovation reflects our ongoing commitment to driving industry advancements and empowering our customers with cutting-edge solutions, from AI and IIoT to the model-based enterprise. Our team has worked tirelessly to bring this offering to life, and we are proud to deliver it to our customers today.”

MBE Advanced is available now as a licensed add-on to the Solumina iSeries Manufacturing Operations Platform.

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(iBase-t: Lake Forest, CA) — iBase-t, a leading provider of manufacturing, quality, and MRO solutions, has announced the availability of Solumina MBE Advanced. This new offering integrates 3D digital models across its Solumina iSeries Manufacturing Operations Platform to drive quality, efficiency, and cost savings.

Solumina MBE Advanced

Launched with the i110 release of the Solumina iSeries platform, Solumina MBE Advanced is the industry’s first model-based MES solution purpose-built for complex, discrete manufacturers in aerospace, defense, shipbuilding, and other critical industries. It empowers frontline workers on the shop floor with intuitive 3D work instructions that streamline production and reduce errors.

• Process planners assign components from a 3D CAD model to operations or steps within a process plan through an intuitive visual experience.
• On the shop floor, technicians leverage dynamic 3D work instructions that guide them through each operation with clear visual indicators, driving efficiency and reducing errors. The 3D model evolves with each step, reflecting the current state of the assembly.
• The 3D model is highly interactive, allowing users to maneuver, zoom into, or explode their view of the assembly as needed. Selecting a component on the model highlights the corresponding part data in other fields, aiding in the accurate execution of each step.

“MBE Advanced enables our customers to transform previously static, 2D processes into a dynamic 3D experience that digitally integrates design engineering, planning, production, and quality assurance like never before,” says Sung Kim, chief technology officer at iBase-t. “The ability to access a real-time, contextualized, actionable, and trackable digital view of a product throughout its life cycle allows our customers to achieve higher levels of productivity, quality, and competitiveness, and represents a significant step toward a fully model-based enterprise.”