Flowfinity Offers Pre-Integrated Hardware and Software for IoT Deployment

The manufacturing sector increasingly embraces industrial IoT for monitoring and control, with 85% of surveyed leaders implementing or planning to implement IoT within the next few years. In an inflationary environment, the need to maximize asset ROI while minimizing lost profit from unplanned downtime and material waste has never been greater.

However, many IoT deployments are often limited to simple data collection. The significant complexity and cost of upgrading equipment to integrate machine data into workflows and automating processes remains challenging for all but the most sophisticated firms.

Learn more about how Flowfinity is helping manufacturers extend asset life and reduce material waste with IoT-driven workflows.

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One critical benefit of adopting IoT solutions is improved maintenance, which prolongs the life cycle of manufacturing equipment. Another is reducing waste to address rising costs of materials and energy, which has hit manufacturers particularly hard.

“Flowfinity IoT solutions are designed to reduce the cost and complexity of upgrading manufacturing facilities at any scale,” says Larry Wilson, vice president. “Our pre-integrated M1 Controllers and Streams database collect and process high-frequency IoT sensor data into an optimized time-series database, driving business process automation and 24/7 asset monitoring to help any manufacturer reduce costs and gain competitive advantage.”


Flowfinity’s IoT solutions provide continuous data streams for real-time machine monitoring to enable more proactive maintenance, while process automation via edge computing helps minimize waste and excess energy consumption.

That’s why Flowfinity is offering pre-integrated hardware and software solutions that can be retrofitted to existing facilities without any coding. Now, advanced IoT technology is accessible to firms of all sizes, seamlessly connecting people and processes with machine data for enhanced efficiency, reduced material waste, and extended asset life cycles.

(Flowfinity: Vancouver, British Columbia) — Flowfinity, a leading no-code platform and provider of IoT solutions to industry, is helping manufacturers gain a competitive advantage by removing barriers to entry for IoT deployments at their existing facilities.