Bucher Hydraulics Launches an Online Model Builder for Hydraulic PowerPack Systems

Used for hoists on municipal trucks, dump trailers, and various lift systems, Bucher’s GPP PowerPacks line of products has an integrated, pressure-compensated flow control cavity that ensures stable lowering conditions regardless of system pressure and provides consistent, reliable performance. Additionally, the GPP boasts a highly efficient and durable pressure-balanced gear pump, delivering optimal efficiency even when confronted with changing oil viscosities.

The online CAD models include detailed product information for design and purchasing decisions. The model builder generates the part number for each configuration and builds the data directly into the CAD model. Product information can be downloaded in a wide variety of formats, providing a seamless handoff between engineering and procurement.

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These self-contained powerpacks are manufactured in three different facilities around the world. This allows us to serve localized markets in a region, for region products,” says David Stevenson, vice president of marketing and product management at Bucher Hydraulics North America. “On the new configurator, customers can select what region they are in to ensure all regulations are met for their specific region. It also allows us to make sure our customers get the best support we can offer.”

Due to its cartridge-style components, the GPP enables easy component changes, enhancing its versatility and making servicing a breeze. Users can count on the GPP PowerPacks for superior performance, reliability, and flexibility.


(Bucher Hydraulics: Elgin, IL) — Bucher Hydraulics, a global provider of hydraulic solutions for the mobile and industrial markets, has recently launched an online model builder created by CADENAS PARTsolutions. The tool provides on-demand product configuration and CAD downloads for Bucher’s self-contained hydraulic powerpack system. This new capability enhances the online experience by enabling customers to find, configure, and download product data for immediate use.