AIMS Metrology Demonstrates Multisensor Measurement Technology at IMTS 2024

(AIMS Metrology: Dayton, OH) — Automation, advanced data analytics, growing demand for in-process measuring, and increasing focus on precision manufacturing are reshaping metrology’s role in manufacturing. These industry trends prompted AIMS Metrology to expand its product offering and launch plans to open a new Southeast Technical Solutions Center in fall 2024.

Unlike other OEMs, AIMS tailors its CMMs to customers’ software requirements with CMM-Manager or MODUS. “We have an in-house service group and application team that allows us to customize the right measurement and inspection solution to a job shop or manufacturer’s needs,” says Thomas Ayers, sales and business development director (Southeast) for AIMS. “That includes programming, custom holding fixtures, tooling, automation, service, and support. With the current economy, labor shortages, and lead times for new and leased equipment continuing to grow, companies need versatile options. They also need a service provider they can depend on.”


The OEM will demonstrate multisensor inspection with its range of turnkey 5-axis coordinate measuring machines (CMM) at Booth 134342. In addition to its Revolution Series 5-axis HB and LM CMMs, visitors will be able to see AIMS’ newest addition in flexible measuring systems: the Itaca FlexGauge.

Other demonstrations include the SP25M, a compact, versatile scanning probe system. Its compact size (25 mm in diameter) supports a range of scanning and touch-trigger modules. Its slim profile and autojoint mounting make it suited for use on the PH10M probe head. AIMS will showcase a fully retrofitted machine equipped with the SP25 and a CMM Vision Probe (camera) to demonstrate its capacity for multisensor inspection on the same system.


Unlike traditional hard gauging setups, the high-performance, cost-efficient Itaca FlexGauge is suited to applications that require tactile scanning for small, high-precision parts. AIMS’ lab-grade LM offers multisensor capabilities with REVO-2, which provides measuring speeds up to 500 mm/second and data collection rates of up to 4,000 points per second for increased part throughput. The mobile HB, fitted with a 5-axis PH20, can be placed on or near a production line to provide dimensional verification and process flow monitoring in real time.