2024 CEESI Gas Ultrasonic Meter User’s Conference


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(CEESI: Nunn, CO) — The 2024 CEESI Conference brings together ultrasonic meter manufacturers and end users to share information about measurement challenges in the hydrocarbon measurement industry.

What you will learn

The 2023 presentations (and thousands of other flow measurement presentations and papers) can be downloaded from the Measurement Library.


Through May 8: $500
After May 8 and onsite: $600

June 12-13, 2024, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Where you’ll meet

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Attendees for this conference typically include:

Those in attendance can expect a wealth of information, new ideas, and new questions regarding flow measurement using ultrasonic meters. Ultrasonic manufacturers are making significant improvements to their meters at a rapid pace. The sheer gas volume in the market today and the number of dollars flowing through gas pipelines demands the highest accuracy possible in metering stations. As the metering uncertainty envelope tightens, original assumptions are questioned and standards are reexamined, establishing the need for new test data.

Contact Milissa Fowler ([email protected]) or Judy Grunwald ([email protected]).

• Domestic and international oil and gas (including production, transmission, power generation, and distribution)
• Engineers and technicians
• Meter and instrument manufacturers
• Domestic and foreign metrology agencies
• Fabrication facilities
• Industrial product distributors
• Engineering firms 

Registration price (per person)

The CEESI Gas Ultrasonic Meter User’s Conference is a one of a kind event that caters to the ultrasonic user. This event allows for open discussion on ultrasonic metering from a user’s standpoint. Today’s challenges and successes, as well as “lessons learned” in ultrasonic metering, are part of the discussion.

• Ultrasonic meter diagnostics
• A visual study of installation effects
• Flow conditioner presentation
• Multiple topics from ultrasonic vendors presenting the latest advancements in ultrasonic meter technologies
• Additional presentations from ultrasonic users discussing field data on ultrasonic meters
• A pipeline’s recent advancements in making use of ultrasonic meter diagnostics for improved gas measurement 

Date and location

Previous presentations have included: